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it's all about me.


sembawang secondary student.
i'm not SMART enough to do EVERYTHING,
but i'm DUMB enough to do ANYTHING.
and i love SITI NURATIKAH(:
not happy ?
LEAVE. ^.^

the RIDER.

unfortunately,the names is up there.
and unfortunately,i'm not sixteen yet.

puke ayy-holes !


yamaha yzf R6.

subaru legacy.
a job ?


to the words.


♥March 2009
♥April 2009


Epul E(: junaLIZ(:

Monday, April 27, 2009

You were talking to him But messing with me It’s finally clear You’re blurring the lines Are you disturbed ? Oh , now you care Why do you race through my red lights ?   Can’t understand ? I’ll slow it down for you ..  Tell me how can you sleep ? How can you breathe ? Baby tell me how , How you love me now  Tell me how can you sleep ? How can you breathe ? I hate when you say How you love me now   Save Save it for him I’m not gonna hear Your reasons and “ please-just-take-me-backs ” We never were right Don’t waste your breath You crashed and you’re on your own tonight 

Lights out I found out My falling star Goodbye The sun rises here There’s no more you and I

Sunday, April 26, 2009

have been watching paris hilton's new bff recently.fun sia !
haha.err,i wanna gigantic crank uh..but no money lee-oww.
anw,anybody wanna buy my hamster ?
its male.wif racing stripes babe ! dn play2 uh.
haha.wan says he wants.but till now still havent say anyting -.-